Plenty of Flu Vaccine Left

It's not too late to get the flu vaccine. We have plenty of the vaccine left, so please call today to set up an appointment. 978-369-5050

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Welcome to Dr. Nana Girgis McMahon’s practice.

Whether you are a brand-new parent, parenting a teen or even a grandparent, we want to guide you in your efforts to provide your child an environment that optimizes his or her physical development and emotional health. We provide personalized pediatric expertise in a respectful, collaborative environment. We look forward to working with your family.

Welcome to the Patient-Centered Medical Home at Nana G. McMahon, MD. Care here is centered on the patient and your specific needs. The staff here works as a team, is accountable for your care, and uses your feedback to improve.

Some Facts

You may access your physician easily during office hours. Same-day appointments are reserved at the office for both urgent and routine care. When the office is closed, we have an on-call team prepared to give advice and record your concerns to ensure continuity of care 24/7. After hours, please call 978-369-5050.

Your team will make sure they have the information and provide the support you will need to achieve your health goals. They will facilitate coordination of care with specialists when needed.

The team provides organized, evidence-based care, reminding you proactively about needed tests or exams. Care is based on best practices, is seamless, and is organized around standard protocols.